Bored in indianapolis

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Those are just some great local Indianapolis attractions that are worth a first, second, or even eighth trip, certainly! First, it might be a good idea to find out if there are any fun things to do in Indianapolis today or this upcoming week that will spark your interest.

The convention center often has something cool going on! Use one of these super-local calendars to scope out events in Indianapolis today or the cheap and free things to do in Indianapolis this weekend:. Even if nothing piques your interest as you scroll through the lists of Indianapolis events, today, you can find no excuses for being reclusive: There are always plenty of things to do. Indianapolis is full of wacky stuff, weird places, and cool things to see. Scroll down to the end for more resources and typical recommendations! Want to know a secret?

Indy locals love haunted stuff. We love it. The tours happen on the first and third Saturdays of every month. Remember how Indianapolis locals love haunted things?

Bored in indianapolis

Well, this is reportedly one of the most haunted places in Indianapolis, if not one of the most haunted places in the U. With more thangraves, many of which are the final resting places of leaders as well as Civil War soldiers, Crown Hill is positively paranormal. A family tradition turned important city winter pastime, the ice tree pulls water from a nearby pond to create a massive sculpture out of ice.

Stop by this locally famous roide attraction if you want to mysteriously roll uphill.

Bored in indianapolis

Is it an optical illusion? Who fans — a trove of intergalactic treasures! And, they have the best weapons in the world: books! Want to bring your children somewhere where they can bang drums wildly? Mess with weird percussion instruments? Let out their energy? Actually learn stuff? This is simply one of the best things to do in Indianapolis for. Gross and engrossing, the Indiana Medical History Museum includes laboratories for bacteriology, anatomical specimens, awesome preserved brains in jars, and more! Get on that. Scared to show off?

Take some lessons to get started! The detail that goes into painting and creating these micro-buildings is astonishing. Stop by Carmel, IN, to see it. Remember to pack your reading glasses, if you need them, and maybe a magnifying glass! There are many options for when you want to add booze to the process of painting.

Take classes to learn how to make your own beer, wine, or cheese. Warning: You may totally fall in love with this and spend hundreds of dollars on home brewing equipment. The Speedway is one of the most often-cited Indianapolis points of interest, and, yes, if you live there, you should go. Bikeshares have become more popular around the U.

Things to do today downtown? Why not just bike there? Visiting Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park is possibly one of the best free things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana, if not the very best. The park is completely free, open from dawn until duskand full of contemporary art installations around a 35 acre lake. Tour through the park to see the three statues, which are meant to represent three different races Caucasians, Asians, and African-Americans working together. The Escape Room has a large of options. When the skies are clear, couples can have a lovely night of stargazing.

Indiana has had some interesting crooks over the years, but these spinning cells were meant to really trap people: There was only one opening. The unfortunate consequence was that limbs often got trapped between the bars. Today, though, the Rotary Jail Museum houses art classes, murder mystery dinners, summer camps, and a host of special events. The beautiful tropical plants here are sure to get gardeners and botanists alike interested in Indianapolis real estate. There are plenty of programs and events for kids as well.

Too far for a day trip? Stop by on the first Fridays of May through October except July to get a free tour p. You can tour the massive complex on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. From medical ink drawings to puffball brooches to 50s-style eyewear, this bizarre bazaar has it all.

Go to the drive-in theater for a really unique and often much cheaper movie-going experience. With all of these drive-in theater options you may even get lucky enough find Indianapolis homes for sale that are close enough to tune in to the movies from your living room. Tappers Arcade Bar makes for an excellent Indy date night. Check out the full list of games here. Or, one a rainy day, when there are generally fewer things to do around Indianapolis, you can stay indoors at Dark Armies.

There are some pretty cool tiny golf courses in the area, some of which even glow in the dark! Speed and racing are integral to local culture and Indy is home to about nine different go-kart facilities. They also have a petting zoo and pony rides for. Do you have a tyke who wants to be a police officer someday? Well, this happens to be one of the free things to do with kids in Indianapolis. You can look at old-timey police cars, learn about the interesting history of the local force such as the fact that one of them invented the Breathalyzer and about crooks like the infamous John Dillinger.

Bored in indianapolis

Did we mention that admission is free? You could tour all four on the wine trailor spend a day with just one. Get together with your friends and climb aboard the HandleBar or the Pickled Pedalerself-propelling pubs that tour about Indy.

Elmo Steakhouse. The Wiseguy Lounge at Goodfellas Pizzeria is also quite legitimate. You can get up close and personal with some real history at the Slippery Noodle Inn, where you can see bullets from a shootout between the Al Brady and John Dillinger gangs still embedded in the walls.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis has invested a great deal into the art of public spaces, especially for downtown. Look them up here and see how many you can find in one afternoon. Find the place that explores the music of the mind and dedicates itself to Afrofuturism, little-known Indianapolis history, and American underground cultures. Finding the museum might be as adventurous as exploring the mysteries within!

Bored in indianapolis

While an investigation was launched inand the supposed source of the noise, a local plant, was fixed, the hum continued rattling on for many individuals. While some write it off as a mass delusionthe problem continues for many people there. For more eye-opening weird stuff, there are some strange places shortly outside of Naptown.

Camp Chesterfield is known as the home of Spiritualists, those who believe in communication with the dead through a medium. There you can get tours, medium readings, and prayers.

Bored in indianapolis

Be sure to visit the labyrinth. Meanwhile, in the opposite direction is New Harmony, IN: an attempt at a utopia and now the site of many strange areas, like the roofless church, Harmonist cabins, and their own labyrinth made from shrubs. Naptown has been depicted in numerous shows.

Bored in indianapolis

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