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Connecting Sr. Executives with Leading Cyber Solution Providers. If you run into any issues registering, please try using a different browser. The Future of Cloud Security Best practices to mitigate cloud security threats and ways to minimize common misconfiguration errors. Ransomware on the Rise Utilizing zero trust to avoid becoming a hostage to cyber criminals and what to do if you fall victim to an attack. Our mission is to bring the Cyber Summit experience to the executives from the comfort and safety of your own home. Our events are always for just one day only.

By investing one day at the summit, you may save your company millions of dollars, avoid stock devaluation and potential litigation. Attendance is limited to approx. Level Executives to maintain an intimate, non-trade show like environment.

Is your company next? Learn the latest defensive measures at the Cyber Security Summit from your peers and from thought leaders in the industry. This educational and informational forum will focus on educating attendees on how to best protect highly vulnerable business applications and critical infrastructure.

Department of Justice. Among rapidly evolving technological advancements, the emergence of AI-enhanced malware is making cyber-attacks exponentially more dangerous, and harder to identify. As AI-driven attacks evolve, they will be almost indistinguishable from genuine activity, and conducted at an unprecedented speed and scale. In the face of offensive AI, only defensive AI can fight back, detecting even the most subtle indicators of attack in real time, and respond with surgical actions to neutralize threats — wherever they strike.

With the Passwordless Decade well underway, more and more organizations are asking the question: Why is now the right time to move beyond passwords? Modern tools such as SNIPR and Modlishka make it easier for hackers to launch large-scale automated attacks, bringing credential re-use and two-factor-authentication attacks to record highs. How did we get here, and will mainstream adoption of passwordless security have an impact? Baseer Balazadeh Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer Gigamon. Over the past few years, the of organizations that have adopted cloud-based systems has grown exponentially, largely due to the COVID pandemic.

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In turn, cloud security has become a critical issue for IT security executives and their teams. This uptick in cloud security breaches is projected to persist even after the pandemic as many companies continue to utilize the cloud and leverage its benefits. While migrating to the cloud offers numerous advantages, it also poses certain threats and challenges.

A ificant concern for many who are adapting to a cloud-based workforce is misconfigurations and gaps in cloud security programs. Additionally, cloud-based infrastructure requires adopting new security policies and processes.

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Many companies believe their existing security teams lack the necessary skillsets and knowledge that the cloud environment requires, especially as organizations turn to multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and distributed cloud models. This panel will highlight the areas where cloud systems can leave enterprises vulnerable, ways to minimize common misconfiguration errors, and other best practices to mitigate threats when migrating to the cloud. Our lineup of Industry Experts will provide their expertise on developing a robust cloud security strategy that addresses these issues and insight on how to stay secure in the future of cloud security.

With threats persisting inside the network for months, security teams need a new plan. In this session, CISO Jeff Costlow discusses strategies, including revising existing mental models and incident response processes, to build resilience in the fight against advanced threats. Secure access service edge has quickly emerged as a hot topic in cybersecurity, but what exactly does it mean and why should organizations care? As cloud migration, BYOD adoption, and remote work have skyrocketed in prevalence, it has become increasingly apparent that organizations need to think differently about security.

While legacy tools like firewalls are no longer equipped to handle the modern IT ecosystem, SASE platforms like Bitglass are built for this exact moment. In this presentation, you will learn:. Digital identities control access to an ever-growing of applications, services, and critical systems.

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This makes identity an interesting attack vector for threat actors, and highlights the importance of authentication and authorization in preserving trust and security. The Auth0 State of Secure Identity report highlights the latest trends in identity security, including what types of attacks Auth0 has observed, the characteristics of these attacks, what industries are most affected, and the adoption rates for identity protection technologies.

Whose game are you playing? They get in deeper, hide longer, and wreak more havoc on your IT environment. Your adversaries are playing blindfold chess. Change the game to your advantage. Attend this session to learn how shifting to active defense changes the game on your adversaries by reshaping the attack surface so you can regain control and find, respond and neutralize threats earlier in the attack lifecycle.

External threat hunting and adversary infrastructure mapping are wish list items for most organizations. However, more and more organizations are establishing these capabilities and creating forward-leaning threat reconnaissance programs to leverage their security analysts in a more strategic way. These more advanced analyst teams are given on-demand access to global internet traffic telemetry, and as a result, these teams are becoming tip-of-the-spear components of the security program, as opposed to reactionary tactical teams.

Corey Bodzin Chief Technology Officer deepwatch. Insider Threat has become increasingly problematic to businesses as the frequency and cost of these threats have risen over the last several years. Forrester Research, Inc. Instead, the extortionists simply threaten to shut down your network with a massive Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attack at a specified day and time — unless you pay.

Mark Guntrip Sr. Director, Cybersecurity Strategy Menlo Security. Every organization is different, with variying priorities for protecting their employees, customers, data, devices, and applications. Kelley Misata, Ph. Inthere was an unprecedented growth in ransomware attacks and this trend shows no s of slowing down. Rather, these attacks are evolving and becoming more harmful as cyber criminals become more organized and effective. This panel will highlight where enterprises are most vulnerable to becoming a victim of ransomware and how utilizing a Zero Trust model minimizes this risk.

Industry experts will discuss best practices to avoid a ransomware attack including adapting the Zero Trust model, what to do if your company is being held for ransom, ways to mitigate the damage caused by an attack, and how to recover afterwards. Eric Howard Sr. Ransomware is more dangerous than ever before. Take any of the recent cyber attacks seen on the news, for example. What if you could stay safer from ransomware, however it may attempt to get into your network? this event to learn how to stop ransomware infections with a first line and last line of defense approach from the cloud edge to the endpoint.

Learn how this layered defense approach can help provide ultimate visibility with ultimate responsiveness against ransomware. Prior to defending an organization against a determined attacker, their techniques must be understood. This presentation provides an adversarial viewpoint to inform network defense leaders how the attackers see their organizations and are able to be successful with their objectives, even when well defended.

The presenter will draw upon over 17 years of personal experience as a Red Team operator and leader to illustrate how your organizations are viewed, through the eyes of an adversary. View our Security Content Sharing portal for past Cyber Security Summit solutions to protect your business from cyber attacks. The Cyber Security Summit connects cutting-edge solution providers with Sr.

Find out how you can become a sponsor and grow your business by meeting and spending quality time with key decision makers and dramatically shorten your sales cycle. Follow cybersummitusa. Boston Agenda Speakers Sponsors Partners. Agenda This educational and informational forum will focus on educating attendees on how to best protect highly vulnerable business applications and critical infrastructure.

Opening Security Briefing with the U. Opening Security Keynote with Verizon.

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ProcessUnity is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for risk and compliance management. Combining a fully mapped control framework, automated workflows and best-practice assessments, ProcessUnity CPM delivers comprehensive, accurate and on-time information to meet the evolving demands of cybersecurity governance, risk and compliance. The company is headquartered outside Boston, Massachusetts.

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