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For over three decades, allegations of sexual offenses have been levelled against UN personnel around the world.

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The UN has a zero tolerance policy in place, so why does impunity persist? Learn More about the campaign, the changes we're seeking, and how we do our advocacy. Get the latest news, press releases, and updates from the Code Blue Campaign on sexual offenses by UN personnel.

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Must-read updates, statements and press releases from the Code Blue Campaign. In this piece, Code Blue responds. February 12, The United Kingdom has vowed to put the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment by aid sector and UN personnel "at the centre of everything we do. UN Photo. In a new statement, we call upon him to step aside and ask Member States to appoint a woman in his place. October 1, : The UN's dysfunctional system for handling allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against its own personnel ensures that the latest scandal in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will not be the last.

September 17, : The UN inquiry on Burundi must not end until President Ndayishimiye orders the investigation and prosecution, if necessary, of Burundian soldiers serving in UN Peacekeeping who have been accused of sexual crimes. July 20, In our second Open Letter to the Secretary-General, we redouble our effort to determine the work status of Ms.

Lute, the senior UN official charged with overseeing the effort to end sexual exploitation and abuse by UN personnel. July 16, : The UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi urged the international community this week to "remain vigilant" on the situation in Burundi. The Code Blue Campaign agrees, and calls on the UN to ensure that Burundian peacekeepers are no longer free to commit sexual exploitation and abuse with impunity. Photo: presidence. June 1, : The UN's highest-ranking official dedicated to addressing sexual exploitation and abuse committed by UN personnel—Jane Holl Lute, who serves at the Under-Secretary-General level—appears to be no longer actively engaged in her role.

May 15, : It is not possible to hold a free and fair election without international monitors in the midst of rampant and worsening violence while an unchecked pandemic sickens many more Burundians than the government is willing to admit, write Paula Donovan and Stephen Lewis in a new statement. March 13, The Code Blue Campaign comments on a troubling new UN report, which reveals an increase in the of sexual exploitation and abuse allegations against UN personnel.

We need the UN now more than ever. March 5, In a new report, the Code Blue Campaign lays out a narrative substantiating our view that troops from the Pierre Nkurunziza regime in Burundi do not belong in UN Peacekeeping. December 20, : Unresolved paternity claims stemming from sexual exploitation and abuse committed by UN peacekeepers are an endemic problem.

Photo: CNN. Photo credit: Mark Henley. An independent survey found WFP to be a cesspool of harassment, discrimination against women and minorities, abuse of authority, and retaliation. The Code Blue Campaign issues a call—once again—for independent oversight. September 9, The newly released UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi report shows that Burundi government forces continue to commit sexual violence against women and girls with a shocking degree of impunity. The UN should end it complicity with an odious regime and cease deploying Burundian soldiers as UN peacekeepers.

July 16, In a new letter to the UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, the Code Blue Campaign calls on the UN to repatriate Burundian peacekeepers serving in the Central African Republic, ending a deployment that earns the brutal and autocratic regime millions of dollars and puts innocent civilians at risk.

The explosive report highlights continued impunity for civilian and uniformed personnel in UN peacekeeping and other contexts, focusing on the lack of criminal ability for sex crimes. The Code Blue Campaign's game-changing proposal to address sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. Code Blue is undertaking a groundbreaking project to bring the perspectives of those most affected by the crisis directly to the United Nations.

Code Blue. The Code Blue Campaign works to end impunity for sexual offenses by un personnel. Sep 28, Jul 19, Another Peacekeeping Mission for Haiti? Let's Remember the Last One. Jun 8, Criminal ability is 'Largely Unachieved'. Mar 19, Feb 12, Feb 1, Oct 1, Sep 17, Aug 11, Opinion: Independent ability is crucial for ending sexual harassment in the aid sector.

Jul 20, Jul 16, Jun 1, May 15, Burundi's Election Must Be Postponed. Mar 13, Mar 9, Mar 5, Jan 20, Dec 20, It Isn't Just Haiti.

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Dec 19, A Case of Retaliation. Dec 13, Dec 2, Oct 9, Sep 9, Burundian Peacekeepers Pose a Threat. Aug 14, Aug 1, May 31, May 3, Mar 18, A Proposal for Change.

Free sex blue Canada

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