I work hard at and love

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We print it on motivational posters, bumper stickers, and encouraging note cards. We incorporate it into commencement addresses. But, does this treasured piece of advice even ring true? Here are four facts that debunk that infamous and misleading proverb. Yes, work and play are two vastly different things.

I work hard at and love

Work requires exertion and effort in order to pay the bills and put food on the table, whereas play is all about fun and enjoyment. Adding in that pressure and the expectation of pay is exactly what separates your job from everything else. And, chances are, when what you love turns into your job, you just might not love it as much anymore.

Think back to when you were a little. Remember when people would always bend down on a knee and inquire about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Do you remember what your answer to that question was? Well, I always told people I wanted to be a bird. Yes, having passions, interests, and big dreams is encouraged. But, finding what you love is only half the equation.

You need to be able to make a living doing it.

I work hard at and love

Real-life pressures require us to pursue avenues that are able to provide us with a decent and comfortable standard of living. However, we all recognize that these are pretty exclusive and specialized career fields, even if you are insanely talented. There are plenty of people out there who absolutely love their careers. Pretty much every position comes along with at least a few pesky tasks or responsibilities that will simply never be enjoyable. But, there are bound to be a few related duties that you simply dread. Maybe you hate monitoring incoming invoices.

Perhaps you loathe the quarterly board meeting. Loving your job is a wonderful thing. Not only are you bringing home the bacon, but you also get the added reward of feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and satisfied each time you stroll out of your office.

I work hard at and love

And, in order to be good at your position, you need to put in some serious elbow grease. And we all know that getting things done well involves exerting effort and staying at the office for the occasional late night.

But, it can actually be somewhat discouraging and guilt-inducing for those of us who do love what we do, yet still feel wiped by the end of the day. Photo of tired woman of Shutterstock.

I work hard at and love I work hard at and love

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