Seeking prayer partner

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Article by: Danita Jenae. We were a new military family in town, and my husband was deployed overseas. I was struggling with isolation, postpartum depression, and desperately searching for any semblance of confidence in my mothering.

Honestly, I felt like a flat-out failure as a mom. They told me stories of their own prayer partners… over the span of many decades! They made it sound like such a joy and a lifeline, so doable and unintimidating. In the loneliness of all my cross-country moves, I loved the idea of building a friendship around prayer. And even better—establishing a friendship that would have lifelong purpose and eternal impact. We had a learning curve, as any friendship does. But braving this new relationship was life-altering and game-changing.

Together, we learned to trust God to protect, provide, and be everything that we need to survive. Turns out, my mentors were right! A prayer partner truly is a lifeline. Having a prayer partner has strengthened my walk with the Lord in more ways than I can count! Here are seven beautiful reasons I love having a prayer partner.

A prayer partnership creates a deep well of faith, an assurance that God will hear and answer our prayers. If He did it before, we know He will do it again. Having a prayer partner develops a tight-knit camaraderie and friendship in the Spirit like no other type of relationship.

A trusted prayer partner will become your closest confidant and your best support. My prayer partner and I often call each other in awe of how God answered a prayer. After a few years, partners begin to recognize patterns. A prayer partner can help you see a fresh perspective, blind spots, and patterns of weakness over the span of many years. The work of prayer outlasts our lifetime. Our prayers make a difference in our children and generations after them.

In a prayer partnership, this promise Jesus made is no longer just a good theory but becomes a real-life experience. You will see wonders at work when you begin to partner in faith and prayer. Here are six simple steps to help you get your first prayer partnership up and running! Pray that the Lord will bring into your life a trustworthy woman who likewise wants to grow in prayer. Even now, Lord, bring someone to mind. Persist in prayer and trust God to provide the right person in His perfect time. Have a person in mind? Share this article with her so she understands the concept and the blessings, then invite her to begin praying with you.

Sometimes, my prayer partner and I talk and pray for hours. We just jump in and cover the needs of the day for ourselves, our husbands, our children, and our friends. The most important aspect of establishing a prayer partnership is committing to the process of praying together consistently.

The quickest way to break trust is to gossip, slander, or cast judgement. None of these have a place in a prayer partnership. Show each other abundant grace and unconditional love. Confidentiality is the key to a true and lasting prayer partnership. Many prayer partners do end up becoming lifelong friends.

But some prayer partners are only meant for a season. Consider giving yourselves a good two-month or five-month goal and then check back in to see if you want to go another few months together.

Seeking prayer partner

Read Scripture out loud and then turn it into prayer. This is one of the most powerful and effective ways to pray! Investing in a prayer partner will strengthen your faith, change things eternally, and cultivate a cherished friendship. You may miss a day or a week; just pick it up again where you left off.

Give yourselves lo of grace. You will see unfathomable answers to prayer, miracles, and wonders come to pass. Answers you prayed for together! Recall these things together often, remembering what God has done and thanking Him for it. This is a precious partnership and has the makings of a friendship that will out-weather any storm. Danita Jenae is a recent military widow learning to grieve with hope. Danita at TheQuirkyKingdom. You can also find Danita on Facebook and Instagram. That is why we strive to deliver biblically accurate, relatable, story-driven content to our readers each week.

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Seeking prayer partner

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Seeking prayer partner

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Seeking prayer partner

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Prayer Partners: A Good Gift Worth Seeking