Woman humiliating a man

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One night she got pissed at me and went into great detail about how her ex was hung like a porn star and he hit all the right spots that my dick just couldn't touch and how she fantasized about him when we had sex etc etc. At that time I was very inexperienced and I was very insecure about myself sexually, so this did a on me. I was totally devastated, she had confirmed every fear and insecurity I had about myself. Judging by your username, I'm guessing you broke up with her but still miss her to this day.

I had an ex that would make snide remarks about my height I'm 5'6.

Woman humiliating a man

It was an absolute punch in the gut having someone you love maliciously target your insecurities. She would say things like "You know my ex was 6'4, right?. If that cunt values height so much, why doesn't she marry a fucking giraffe? I've always suspected that incidents like this prompt a certain percentage of men to go 'red-pill'.

So my ex did this the long and excruciating way. We went long distance after dating two years and she cheated on me less than a week after crying as she said bye to me before going through airport security. She basically did a sex tour of Europe and then went off to school where she started sleeping with one of my friends who was in her program. Instead of breaking it off, she just kept things going with me. It was unclear if I would be able to get into med school near her so I was already stressed about the relationship. I noticed two things. First, after not seeing her for two months after her trip to Europe she wasn't that excited to see me and didn't want to have sex.

She'd have duty sex with me once a month or so and I noticed that she was getting way better at blowjobs seriously she put my 6. Then she started slowly hinting that I wasn't thick enough for reference, I have a ificantly larger than average penis even though in the beginning of the relationship I had been so big for her that she had to stop just 5 minutes in. Sex was uninspired and she'd basically just sit there and act unimpressed. Every time I saw her it was a gamble as to whether or not she'd be excited to see me.

Woman humiliating a man

Never got confirmation, but I imagine she found a guy with a massive dick and became a size queen after fucking him for a little while. My self-esteem plummeted. I started a whole journey of self-improvement and became ificantly more attractive than I'd ever been, but she continued to act the same way. I'd get jealous of her going out to clubs and going partying while dancing grinding with other guys, but she'd turn it around and claim I was being overprotective and crazy. On Valentine's day I pressed her after another round of uninspired sex and she finally broke down and admitted to at least 5 guys though I can't imagine there weren't more.

She begged me to stay with her lol but I kicked her out and made her fly home early. The story has a happy ending though. The next girl I slept with spontaneously told me my dick was big, so that helped ease the crushing size issues I'll probably have for the rest of my life. I hope you immediately ended that relationship. They need to know that if they are so unhappy with you to hit the fucking bricks.

Don't hang on to one who shows you any disrespect. I have a friend with a similar story, one of his first sexual experiences was with a woman with whom he was actually in a relationship so you expect some level of thought for each others feelings, unlike a one night stand where people are more free to be assholes. She tore him to shreds in the evening that she broke up on him. Every orgasm she ever had faked, his penis small and useless, too nervous, too awkward, incompetent and no hope of improvement. It was cold hearted. What made things worse is that this friend does have a small penis 4.

It's been 2 years but this friend is still burdened by what she said, he shook it off at first, met a few other women myself included and had a good time.

Woman humiliating a man

He still pined after this ex and wished he could be with her again, but her words didn't effect his work in bed, until he met another size Queen who rejected his penis before he'd even had a chance to use it. He spiralled after that. I don't know if he was so maladjusted, co- dependent, borderline and needy before and this just made it worse but, oh my god, he's a wreck of a human being.

I can't bear to talk to him some days because every 3 minutes he'll ask if his penis is small and if that's bad, its like I'm talking to someone with dementia because all I say is "yes it is but no, it's not" and" you gotta stop asking me sexual questions about your penis".

Woman humiliating a man

I'm not going anywhere with this story. Just sharing how devastating it can be and how sad it makes me that anyone, male or female could say something so rude and unconstructive to anyone. Heck the most I'll say about the worst sex I've had is that we clearly just had different styles of fucking and boy did they not meld well. I could start listing all the things he did that I found weird, but why? I didn't like it but that's not to say no one would like it. The only time you should tell a person they are bad at sex and need to stop doing sex that way is when they are doing something physically dangerous or non consensual.

I have to ask That level of vitriol should be reserved for one's worst enemies! I'm glad I've resisted. Damn, you guys have dated some seriously shitty people. I hope you're all doing better now. Found the internet! What is the most humiliating thing a woman has done to you?

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Woman humiliating a man

Tell her it was probably loose for him too. I want to find this girl.

Woman humiliating a man

And sock her straight in the mouth. I can't bear to talk to him some days because every 3 minutes he'll ask if his penis is small and if that's bad, its like I'm talking to someone with dementia because all I say is "yes it is but no, it's not" and" you gotta stop asking me sexual questions about your penis" I'm not going anywhere with this story. More posts from the AskMen community. It's time to stop. Created Aug 30, Top posts march 3rd Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

Woman humiliating a man

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